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176390 messages tor.general Items of general interest in Toronto, Canada.
136219 messages tor.jobs Jobs in Toronto, Canada.
85895 messages tor.forsale.computers Computers and software for sale or wanted in Toronto.
65691 messages tor.forsale.misc Non-computer articles for sale or wanted in Toronto.
10886 messages tor.news.stats USENET Statistics in Toronto, Canada.
6069 messages tor.housing Housing in and around Toronto, Canada.
3183 messages tor.eats Where to eat and not to eat in the Toronto area.
1017 messages tor.journalism Toronto, Canada, area journalism.
876 messages tor.news USENET in Toronto, Canada.
745 messages tor.events Events in and around Toronto, Canada.
731 messages tor.test Testing in Toronto, Canada.
614 messages tor.www.misc About the World Wide Web in Toronto, Canada.
493 messages tor.arts No description.
438 messages tor.www.commerce Commercial aspects of the WWW in Toronto, Canada.
276 messages tor.bizarre Oddities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
220 messages tor.config Arguments about expansion of tor.* hierarchy.
170 messages tor.ieee IEEE Toronto Connection.
132 messages tor.pagan for toronto-area pagans
48 messages tor.uucp No description.