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314 messages umich.umce.ifs Institutionalo File Server (AFS) Support
192 messages umich.caen.announce ?
186 messages umich.eecs.dco.stats U of Michigan EECS DCO service statistics (Moderated)
164 messages umich.physics.general General Physics Department Discussion Forum
133 messages umich.org.tbp Tau Beta Pi Newsgroup, University of Michigan
101 messages umich.test.woof Test Group
78 messages umich.class.test No description.
77 messages umich.biking Univ. of Michigan Biking Announcements and Discussion
67 messages umich.sports No description.
65 messages umich.michigan.review UofM Campus Conservative Rag.
58 messages umich.interesting.people General UofM talk and discussion
56 messages umich.linux Discussion group for the Linux operating system, University of Michigan
53 messages umich.eecs.dco.test U of Michigan EECS DCO test group
49 messages umich.class.testing.once.again.ignore No description.
45 messages umich.eecs.ce.students UofM EECS Computer Engineering Discussions
44 messages umich.umd.general Univ of Michigan Dearborn Issues
37 messages umich.academic.competitions Univ. of Michigan Academic Competitions Forum
32 messages umich.umce.usenet Univ of Michigan Usenet News Discussion
30 messages umich.announce.umnet UM-NET Network Outage Announcements
27 messages umich.eecs.announce UofM Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Annoucements
26 messages umich.kinesiology.gradvice Advice for kinesiology Graduate Students
26 messages umich.org.continuum UofM Continuum Discussion
24 messages umich.geo University of Michigan Geology Dept. Forum
23 messages umich.confer Form for discussion of Confer Chat System
23 messages umich.housing.ethernet UofM Campus Housing Ethernet Project Discussion
23 messages umich.novell University Campus Novell Netware Forum
22 messages umich.ifs.outages UofM Institutional File Server Outages
22 messages umich.umce.dialin Modem Dial-in Issues Forum
21 messages umich.org.bsn The Black Student Network discussion group
21 messages umich.org.umec Newsgroup for the University of Michigan Engineering Council, Univ of Mich
org_1 umec_2 21 messages umich.org.umec.graduation UMEC Discussion of Graduation, University of Michigan
20 messages umich.isr.ahead Institute for Social Research Ahead Program
20 messages umich.itd.stats UofM Information Technology Service Stats.
20 messages umich.umce.lars+mars Lan Based E-mail and Gateways
19 messages umich.org.lsasg UofM LS&A Student Government
19 messages umich.rha Univ. of Mich. Residence Hall Association
19 messages umich.umce.dns Domain Name Service Support and Discussion
5 messages umich.eecs.dco.announce U of Michigan EECS DCO announcements (Moderated)
1 messages umich.test.mod Test Group (Moderated)
0 messages umich.test.2mod Test Group (Moderated)
0 messages umich.test.mod3 Test Group (Moderated)