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2168 messages umn.ee.chatter Talk for/about the University of Minnesota EE dept.
581 messages umn.general.forsale For sale/want ads at the University level
426 messages umn.avian.turkey turkey research at the Avian Research Center
276 messages umn.local-lists.sgi-admins No description.
269 messages umn.local-lists.cnug-dss No description.
255 messages umn.news-server.test For testing news software, transports, etc.
209 messages umn.cs.jobs Announcements concerning jobs and internships
206 messages umn.general.jobs Jobs available on or around the University
201 messages umn.itlab.text.framemaker No description.
191 messages umn.org.china A Chinese organization at the University of Minnesota.
187 messages umn.ortta.general UMN Office of Research and Tech. Transfer general items.
169 messages umn.itlab.jobs No description.
166 messages umn.itlab.gradst No description.
165 messages umn.ee.undergrads Discussion from/about U of Minnesota EE Undergrads.
147 messages umn.general.movies Discussion/Reviews of movies for the U of MN community.
147 messages umn.itlab.faculty No description.
146 messages umn.general.energy For discussion of energy conservation issues.
143 messages umn.coled.alumni College of Education Alumni
143 messages umn.cs.gradst Discussion from/about the Csci Grad Students
133 messages umn.ophth.isrk No description.
127 messages umn.ee.seminar Announcements of EE seminars/colloquia @ the U of MN.
125 messages umn.cs.labs.ai Discussion/Announcements concerning the AI lab
96 messages umn.socsci.test Testing for the University of Minnesota Social Sciences.
93 messages umn.itlab.test No description.
91 messages umn.general.music Music events/reports/reviews for the Univ. community
88 messages umn.cs.test Testing
88 messages umn.ee.test Testing for the U of Minnesota EE dept.
85 messages umn.csom.test Testing for the U of MN Carlson School of Management.
78 messages umn.cis.test Testing for the U of Minnesota Computer & Info. Svcs.
75 messages umn.general.sports Discussion/Announcements about sports @ the U of MN.
74 messages umn.cbs.test Testing for the U of Minnesota College of BioSci.
69 messages umn.org.india Indo-American Students Association
61 messages umn.general.misc Miscellaneous things pertinent to the Univ. community
58 messages umn.local-lists.umn-email No description.
58 messages umn.news-server.traffic Daily traffic reports on the news server
56 messages umn.local-lists.austrian-cultu Austrian Culture internet mailing list.
56 messages umn.local-lists.techc-email No description.
56 messages umn.soc.general Items of general interest for UMN Dept. of Sociology.
54 messages umn.general.food Food and Restaurants around the U of MN community.
52 messages umn.local-lists.net-people The University "Net-people" mailing list
50 messages umn.cbs.general Items of general interest for UMN College of BioSci.
49 messages umn.local-lists.writingc No description.
43 messages umn.local-lists.news Gateway of the news@news.cis mailing list
41 messages umn.aem.gradst Aerospace GraduateStudents.
39 messages umn.news-server.announce Announcements/info about the news server
36 messages umn.aem.ugrads Aerospace Undergrad students.
35 messages umn.cs.ugrads Discussion from/about the Csci Undergrad Students
35 messages umn.ee.grads Discussion from/about U of Minnesota EE Grad Students.
35 messages umn.epsy.deaf.students No description.
35 messages umn.itlab.ugrads No description.
34 messages umn.math.zoo Items of interest to "Zoo People" @ the Math dept. lab.
34 messages umn.net-lists.info-appletalk The "Sun-managers" mailing list
34 messages umn.rhet.gradst Rhet grad Students discussion.
33 messages umn.cs.text.framemaker Discussion about Framemaker
33 messages umn.ee.computer Information/Discussion about U of MN EE computers.
33 messages umn.local-lists.techc-modems No description.
32 messages umn.local-lists.techc-workst No description.
31 messages umn.cems.ugrads Chemical Engineering and Materials Science undergrads
31 messages umn.comp.sys.sun Discussions about Sun Workstations
31 messages umn.cs.lang.misc Programming languages discussion within CSci @ UMN.
30 messages umn.local-lists.techc-general No description.
30 messages umn.news-server.questions Questions about the news server/Usenet news
29 messages umn.aem.general Items pertaining to the Aerospace Dept. in general.
29 messages umn.daily.forum Minnesota Daily (newspaper) forum
29 messages umn.epsy.deaf.teacher-parent No description.
29 messages umn.itlab.systems.misc No description.
29 messages umn.local-lists.ethnic-theater No description.
29 messages umn.local-lists.techc-backup No description.
29 messages umn.local-lists.techc-sgi No description.
29 messages umn.morris.general Items of general interest to the U of MN Morris campus.
29 messages umn.morris.misc Miscellaneous items interesting to the U of MN @ Morris.
28 messages umn.general.events Events pertinent to the University community
28 messages umn.itlab.lang.misc No description.
28 messages umn.socsci.general Items of general interest to U of MN Social Sciences.
27 messages umn.cbs.announce U of MN College of Biological Sciences Announcements.
27 messages umn.soc.faculty Items of interest to UMN Dept. of Sociology faculty.
26 messages umn.comp.sys.mac Discussions about MacIntosh computers
26 messages umn.ee.announce Announcements for the University of Minnesota EE dept.
26 messages umn.itlab.soc No description.
26 messages umn.itlab.systems.mac No description.
26 messages umn.local-lists.disc-nordic No description.
26 messages umn.local-lists.techc-admin No description.
26 messages umn.local-lists.techc-site No description.
26 messages umn.net-lists.explorer No description.
25 messages umn.aem.seminars Seminar anouncements.
25 messages umn.comp.sys.sgi Discussions about SGI Iris computers
25 messages umn.cs.class.8011-scic No description.
25 messages umn.cs.gripes Gripes from/about/for U of Minnesota CSci Dept.
25 messages umn.fscn.general No description.
25 messages umn.local-lists.techc-all No description.
25 messages umn.local-lists.techc-atm No description.
25 messages umn.local-lists.techc-microlan No description.
25 messages umn.local-lists.x3j9-tech No description.
25 messages umn.net-lists.rfc931-users No description.
25 messages umn.rhet.general Items of general interest in the department of rhetoric.
24 messages umn.comp.os.unix Discussions about the UNIX operating system
24 messages umn.cs.general Items of general interest
24 messages umn.csom.general Items of general interest to UMN Carlson Sch. of Mgmt.
24 messages umn.ee.general Items of general interest to the U of MN EE community.
24 messages umn.general.housing Housing, Sub-contracting, dorm contracts, etc. at the U
24 messages umn.itlab.systems.pc No description.
24 messages umn.itlab.systems.sun No description.
24 messages umn.local-lists.net-ops No description.
24 messages umn.local-lists.techc-web No description.
23 messages umn.cis.announce U of MN Computer & Information Services Announcements.
23 messages umn.cis.general Items of general interest for UMN Computer & Info. Svcs.
23 messages umn.cis.minnext No description.
23 messages umn.cs.net Discussion about the building's network
23 messages umn.itlab.general No description.
23 messages umn.itlab.lang.c++ No description.
23 messages umn.itlab.systems.unix No description.
23 messages umn.local-lists.mac-consort No description.
23 messages umn.local-lists.news-stats News statistics at University of Minnesota.
23 messages umn.local-lists.siren Notices of crime & security issues at St. Paul.
23 messages umn.local-lists.sun-news No description.
23 messages umn.local-lists.techc-public No description.
23 messages umn.org.acm The Association For Computer Machinery, Student Chapter
22 messages umn.comp.ftp-mirror U of MN CSci anonymous ftp mirroring archive data.
22 messages umn.fan.serge-rudaz No description.
22 messages umn.itlab.lang.c No description.
22 messages umn.local-lists.disc-sar No description.
22 messages umn.local-lists.disc-tacfanout No description.
22 messages umn.local-lists.novell No description.
22 messages umn.local-lists.security No description.
22 messages umn.local-lists.techc-cal No description.
22 messages umn.local-lists.umn-www No description.
22 messages umn.math.dept Items of interest to the U of MN Mathematics dept.
21 messages umn.aem.net Information on building computer networks.
21 messages umn.cis.systems News about CIS systems such as scheduled downtimes.
21 messages umn.comp.os.vms Discussions about the VMS operating system
21 messages umn.comp.sys.ibm Discussions about IBM PC and compatible systems
21 messages umn.cs.lang.c++ Discussion about the C++ lang
21 messages umn.itlab.systems.status No description.
21 messages umn.local-lists.aci-4d No description.
21 messages umn.local-lists.epixinfo EP/IX internet mailing list gateway.
21 messages umn.local-lists.ubike-info No description.
21 messages umn.org.sps Society of Physics Students, U of MN Chapter
21 messages umn.soc.grad Items of interest to UMN Dept. of Sociology grads.
21 messages umn.socsci.system Systems discussions for the U of MN Social Sciences.
21 messages umn.tc.systems systems announcements and discussion [twin cities]
20 messages umn.config Configuration of the `umn' Usenet news hierarchy
20 messages umn.cs.curriculum Discussion about the Csci curriculum
20 messages umn.cs.dept Discussion about the Csci Dept
20 messages umn.cs.soc Social/Recreational talk
20 messages umn.ee.dept Discussion about the U of Minnesota EE Dept.
20 messages umn.ioft.class.1001h Classroom newsgroup of ioft class.
20 messages umn.local-lists.disc-env No description.
20 messages umn.local-lists.x3j9-admin No description.
20 messages umn.socsci.applications U of Minnesota Dept. of Social Sciences applications.
19 messages umn.cs.bldg Reports of needed building maintenance
19 messages umn.cs.labs.grad Discussion/Announcements concerning the Grad lab
19 messages umn.cs.text.tex Discussion about Tex
19 messages umn.csom.ids5410 Information and Decision Sciences, 5410
19 messages umn.csom.ids8450 No description.
19 messages umn.general.lost+found No description.
19 messages umn.itlab.windows.x No description.
19 messages umn.local-lists.disc-evidence No description.
19 messages umn.local-lists.disc-nordlib No description.
19 messages umn.local-lists.disc-vis-graph No description.
19 messages umn.local-lists.infotech-disc No description.
18 messages umn.cs.class.3321ext No description.
18 messages umn.cs.lang.c Discussion about the `C' lang
18 messages umn.ee.faculty Discussion from/about U of Minnesota EE Faculty.
18 messages umn.itlab.curriculum No description.
18 messages umn.itlab.gripes No description.
18 messages umn.itlab.text.tex No description.
18 messages umn.local-lists.decstation-man No description.
18 messages umn.local-lists.techc-unix No description.
17 messages umn.cs.faculty Discussion from/about the Csci Faculty
17 messages umn.cs.seminars Announcements of Csci seminars and colloquia
17 messages umn.fscn.ift No description.
17 messages umn.itlab.dept No description.
17 messages umn.itlab.net No description.
17 messages umn.local-lists.users-mlre No description.
17 messages umn.local-lists.wg-cscc No description.
16 messages umn.cs.windows.x Discussion about the X windowing environment
16 messages umn.csom.ids8110 No description.
16 messages umn.itlab.bldg No description.
14 messages umn.cs.class.3317ext No description.
13 messages umn.csom.class.oms8995 No description.