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101842 messages vmsnet.misc General VMS topics not covered elsewhere.
50308 messages vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.misc Other TCP/IP solutions for VMS.
48413 messages vmsnet.epsilon-cd DEC's free, unsupported OpenVMS AXP CD.
46039 messages vmsnet.networks.management.misc Other network management solutions.
38729 messages vmsnet.sources.games Recreational software postings.
35936 messages vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.cmu-tek CMU-TEK TCP/IP package; gateway cmu-openvms-ip.
34633 messages vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.wintcp The Wollongong Group's WIN-TCP TCP/IP software.
31104 messages vmsnet.groups Administration of the VMSnet newsgroups.
28020 messages vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.ucx DEC's VMS/Ultrix Connection (TCP/IP for VMS).
27237 messages vmsnet.mail.misc Other electronic mail software.
26864 messages vmsnet.alpha Alpha AXP architecture, systems, porting, etc.
23165 messages vmsnet.sysmgt VMS system management.
22302 messages vmsnet.sdk.openvms.fieldtest No description.
21221 messages vmsnet.mail.mx MX email system, gatewayed to MX mailing list.
19383 messages vmsnet.networks.management.decmcc DECmcc and related software.
19311 messages vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.tcpware Process Software's TCPWARE TCP/IP software.
18632 messages vmsnet.mail.pmdf PMDF email system, gatewayed to ipmdf mailing list.
17608 messages vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.multinet TGV's Multinet TCP/IP, gateway w/info-multinet.
17453 messages vmsnet.tpu TPU language and applications, gatewayed to info-tpu.
16466 messages vmsnet.networks.desktop.pathworks DEC Pathworks desktop integration.
15839 messages vmsnet.infosystems.gopher Gopher software for VMS, gateway w/VMSGopher-L.
14404 messages vmsnet.pdp-11 PDP-11 hardware and software, gatewayed to info-pdp11.
14298 messages vmsnet.networks.misc General networking topics not covered elsewhere.
11592 messages vmsnet.infosystems.misc Various infosystem software for VMS (WAIS, WWW, etc).
11414 messages vmsnet.decus.lugs Discussion of DECUS Local User Groups & related issues.
8959 messages vmsnet.uucp DECUS uucp software, gatewayed to vmsnet mailing list.
6182 messages vmsnet.internals VMS internals, MACRO-32, Bliss, &c; gateway w/MACRO32.
5662 messages vmsnet.test Test messages.
5437 messages vmsnet.vms-posix Discussion about VMS POSIX.
5064 messages vmsnet.networks.desktop.misc Other desktop integration software.
114 messages vmsnet.sources.d Discussion about or requests for sources.
11 messages vmsnet.sources Source code postings ONLY. (Moderated)
5 messages vmsnet.announce.newusers Orientation info for new users. (Moderated)
3 messages vmsnet.announce General announcements of interest to all. (Moderated)
3 messages vmsnet.employment Jobs sought/offered, workplace and employment issues. (Moderated)
2 messages vmsnet.decus.journal The DECUServe Journal. (Moderated)